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Formerly AeroCar Journal, from now on, we are AAM Today — your comprehensive resource for news, insight, and analysis for the advanced air mobility industry.

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Droneports: Will Society Develop a NIMBY Approach?

Researchers in Finland, funded by the EU, are proposing a multi-stakeholder approach to smoothly integrate UAVs and their launch and liftoff sites into the Baltic region.

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Map of Liverpool, UK proposing where to position drones for optimal crime prevention.

Drones: Split Personalities with the Power to Good or Evil

Stay tuned, we are changing our name to AAM Today (AAM.Today) in the coming weeks.   There is a drone coming to a location near you soon – if, in fact, one hasn’t already done so. In 2021, U.S. retail behemoth, Walmart, in partnership with Zipline, under a special exemption granted by the U.S. Federal…

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Supercharged: Do Your eVTOL Batteries Have What It Takes – to Land Safely?

A novel approach to battery capacity testing and management to yield better performance and safer operations for eVTOL operations.

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Call It K-UAM

Incheon’s mayor, Jeong-bok Yoo, is spearheading an initiative to prepare, adapt, and integrate urban air mobility into the fabric of this metropolis of roughly 3 million people. The city has published the Advanced Air Mobility Concept of Operations for Incheon Metropolitan City. The 46-page pamphlet lays out the city’s vision to bring UAM online by…

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The Right Stuff: Manufacturing a UAV Sandwich

“… composite materials were optimal to build a lightweght, low-altitude endurance (LALE) hybrid VTOL UAV.”

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