Illustration of an eVTOL flying above a cityscape.

Before They Buy eVTOLs, People Need to “Buy Into” eVTOLs

Preparing for the reality of AAM

Public awareness of advanced air mobility (AAM) is not keeping pace with the achievements of eVTOL manufacturers.

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Illuminated drones light up night sky in the form of a car.

5 Things to Know About Drones Now

UAVs are taking flight to aid and improve everything from disease control to a dip in the ocean

Governments are using drones of various sizes in all sorts of different ways. This is just the beginning.

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An illustration of a flying car hovering over cityscape.

Advanced Air Mobility by the Numbers

From US$1.08 to US$1.5Tn

Advanced air mobility is predicted to bring eVTOLs to the skies, jobs to the world, and significant economic development to global economies.

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An Altair UAV prepares to land in a desert setting.

Drones Poll Results

Here’s How You Voted in Our “Delving Into Drones” Poll on LinkedIn

People have diverse opinions on how the future of drones will shake out in the near future.

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Multicolored pie chart just meant to serve as illustration.

Advanced Air Mobility — By the Numbers in 2023

16 stats

The latest statistics for the rapidly growing uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) market.

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Display of flying battery autonomous rendezvous and aerial docking concept.

Recharging Your eVTOLs – Midair

NASA Has Electrifying Plans for Your Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles

Swapping batteries midair, or more precisely, as NASA engineers describe their plan, “Energy Augmentation Concepts for Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles,” (EACAAMV) is a scheme devised by eight NASA scientists to recharge (if that’s the right word) eVTOLs in midair. Kapil Sheth, Nhan Nguyen, Seth Schisler, Todd Stinchfield, Corey Ippolito (NASA Ames Research Center), David Pike…

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