Power Zone: Vertiports Will Need to Amp Up Their Electric Grids

By Dave Clarke | June 16, 2024

For advanced air mobility (AAM) to advance rapidly, these facilities will need the ability to provide electricity, perhaps in the form of microgrids, to facilitate rapid, easily accessible charging.

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Gaming the System: Rolling the Dice on AAM Infrastructure Investments —Public-Private Partnerships or State-Funded

By Dave Clarke | June 12, 2024

When we think of commercial aviation today, we see a public-private business model that has evolved over the past 100 or so years. The public sector provides and operates the airports and air traffic management systems and private enterprise pay fees to use that infrastructure to provide air travel and cargo services to the public.…

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Size Matters: Optimizing Your Advanced Air Mobility Air Taxi Fleet to Meet Scheduling and Traffic Demands

By Dave Clarke | June 8, 2024

A Dozen (Trips) a Day x Optimal Travel Routes = Profitability for AAM Operators

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Urban Air Mobility Needs a New Wind Flow Model to Fly Right

By AAM.today Staff | May 12, 2024

The study revealed a host of factors which impact urban wind flow. These include: diurnal variations, the Coriolis effect, geographic positioning, topography, surface roughness, flow incidence angle, building and street configurations, building aspect ratios, roof shapes, and building heights.

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