Urban Air Mobility Needs a New Wind Flow Model to Fly Right

By AAM.today Staff | May 12, 2024

The study revealed a host of factors which impact urban wind flow. These include: diurnal variations, the Coriolis effect, geographic positioning, topography, surface roughness, flow incidence angle, building and street configurations, building aspect ratios, roof shapes, and building heights.

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Building Better eVTOL Batteries for UAM

By AAM.today Staff | May 4, 2024

through 500 cycles, theGen-2 system displayed signs of polarization and capacity loss, particularly during high-rate hover and descent phases of operations. By comparison, the dual-salt electrolyte system was stable retaining capacity and exhibiting low polarization potentials through the flight cycle.

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Droneports: Will Society Develop a NIMBY Approach?

By Dave Clarke | April 28, 2024

Researchers in Finland, funded by the EU, are proposing a multi-stakeholder approach to smoothly integrate UAVs and their launch and liftoff sites into the Baltic region.

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Drones: Split Personalities with the Power to Good or Evil

By Dave Clarke | April 21, 2024

Stay tuned, we are changing our name to AAM Today (AAM.Today) in the coming weeks.   There is a drone coming to a location near you soon – if, in fact, one hasn’t already done so. In 2021, U.S. retail behemoth, Walmart, in partnership with Zipline, under a special exemption granted by the U.S. Federal…

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