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Building Better eVTOL Batteries for UAM

Two Salts are Better Than One

through 500 cycles, theGen-2 system displayed signs of polarization and capacity loss, particularly during high-rate hover and descent phases of operations. By comparison, the dual-salt electrolyte system was stable retaining capacity and exhibiting low polarization potentials through the flight cycle.

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Supercharged: Do Your eVTOL Batteries Have What It Takes – to Land Safely?

Old cells, new cells, cold weather, warm weather, pulse power

A novel approach to battery capacity testing and management to yield better performance and safer operations for eVTOL operations.

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The urban skies will require robust urban traffic management (UTM)

UTM for UAM: Avoiding an eVTOL carmaggedon in the sky

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When our eVTOLs, crewed or uncrewed, take to the urban skies in our eVTOLs, it won’t be Tinkerbell our instruments will be looking to avoid hitting. NASA’s February 2024 report, “Computing Proximity to Threat Along Uncertain Trajectory to Support Urban Air Mobility,” identifies the complex, challenging environment that aircraft operators, urban traffic management (UTM) system…

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colorful graphic of state of California with eVTOL

Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation — or the World — Follow?

Aircraft, Operating Environment, and Oh Yeah, Taxes

California’s nearly 40 million residents could set the gold standard for UAM.

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How Much Noise Will a Single Rotor Make When a Single Rotor Makes Noise?

Use the NASA RVLT Conceptual Design Toolchain to Predict Best Practices

In their paper, “Best Practices for Predicting Acoustics of a Single Rotor Using the NASA RVLT Conceptual Design Toolchain” presented at the Vertical Flight Society’s 6th Decennial Aeromechanics Specialists’ Conference held in Santa Clara, California in February 2024, NASA aerospace engineers Lauren Weist, Natasha Schatzman, and Dorsa Shirazi detailed the results of their study intended…

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