Supercharged: Do Your eVTOL Batteries Have What It Takes – to Land Safely?

A novel approach to battery capacity testing and management to yield better performance and safer operations for eVTOL operations.

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Drawing of ALIA-250 eVTOl flying above city.

Modern eVTOLs Are Coming to Ancient Greece

Tourists vacationing at Aria Hotels in Greece will soon be able to travel to different locales in eVTOLs.

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small red drone made by the HyPoint company

UAM Spreads Its Wings, Cuts Its Wires, and Ponders Hydrogen Power

UAM entrepreneurs are exploring hydrogen fuel cells and WiGL technology that proposes recharging eVTOLs midair.

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flying electric vehicle

The Top 7 Leading Contenders in the Emerging UAM Market

AeroCar Journal’s top 7 picks for the companies that may make it in the fiercely competitive emerging urban air mobility market.

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Hexagon structure that graphene takes.

Will Graphene Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries Before eVTOLs Take Off?

Graphene batteries may make eVTOLs (flying cars) a reality more quickly than lithium batteries.

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Chart of urban air mobility aircraft ranges

How Far Will Your UAM Aircraft Fly?

Where UAM aircraft ranges in miles are at right now and how emerging technologies may improve UAM aircraft ranges.

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