US Army Recruits VTOLs for the Frontline

When it comes to surprising your adversaries on the battlefield, silence is golden. As are the logistical advantages offered by an aircraft that requires no runway. Which is why the US Army Research Laboratory (US ARL) is working with Uber and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin to develop to develop silent rotor…

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Why Didn’t You Think of That?

And the prize for most out-of-the box thinking about how to solve eVTOL’s battery-powered issues goes to… Karman Electric? While practically every eVTOL manufacturer has been wrestling with how to develop a battery that can economically sustain their flying cars to lift off vertically and propel themselves forward long enough to reach their destinations, Karman…

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Flying Car Companies Jockey for Position

While the general public is still wrapping its head around the idea of self-driving cars, companies worldwide are preparing their flying cars for takeoff. Most, but not all, of the flying car concepts are VTOLs. Technological innovation in drone technology, electric batteries, propulsion systems, machine learning, and sense-and-avoid technology are making flying cars within reach….

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