black and yellow evtols parked on top a veriport

eVTOL Batteries: Advanced Machine Learning for AAM

Delft University Researchers Provide UAM Operators a Prognostics Tool for Battery Life

If you use your mobile phone frequently, when the remaining battery life reaches 20%, the battery indicator icon in the upper right of the screen turns red. But if you’re operating your eVTOL the way many passenger-carrying operators expect to – lots of takeoffs and landings throughout the day, ferrying passengers from airports to downtown…

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A futuristic night sky in a city with many different types of flying vehicles.

The ABCs of KPIs for UAM

It Will Take an SoS Approach

A cohort of scientists have posited a theory and published a paper that effectively applies Pearson’s Law to the impending implementation and integration of urban air mobility (UAM) into a given national airspace. Pearson, a late 19th Century-early 20th Century academic who taught at King’s College, Cambridge divined, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured…

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close up of the face of an angry man

How Troublesome Will eVTOL Passengers Be by 2030?

How Rude! 

Rudeness in the sky is becoming commonplace. This doesn’t bode well for the eVTOL/UAM industry, which hopes to be in full swing by 2030.

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Tiny flying bot suspended by tweezers next to penny.

Sub-gram Helicopters

UAVs Using a Miniature Flybar Prove Small Is Beautiful and Quite Useful

Scientists are developing helicopters smaller than some gnats to aid in future rescue missions and more.

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Illustration of a person holding a globe labeled AI.

Urban Air Mobility + Artificial Intelligence

The sum is greater than its parts

Take a minute to watch the opening scene from the 1952 Superman TV series. Writing in Cyient, Ajay Lohany, formerly with the Indian Air Force, outlines how those superhuman abilities Superman possessed (“faster than a speeding bullet,” “more powerful than a locomotive”) can align to improve aviation as urban air mobility (UAM) and artificial intelligence (AI) join…

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Photo of a futuristic flying taxi

Rich Man, Poor Man

For Whom Will eVTOLs Fly – and Where?

Let’s begin with the obvious: The extremely wealthy travel by private jet or limousine. Those traveling on commercial flights are literally divided into classes: first, business, and coach. Where the topography permits, e.g., in the continental U.S. and the European Union, the working class frequently travel by car or bus. There’s been much discussion about…

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