Double-Dutch: GKN Fokker Joins Forces with PAL-V to Perfect Flying Car

Netherlands-based GKN Fokker, a maker of aircraft and aircraft components, recently signed a MOU to help accelerate a flying car being developed by PAL-V. GKN Fokker will help PAL-V strengthen its business capabilities and add new technologies to the eVTOL currently in design and development. “GKN Fokker will assist us in the finalization of the…

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Cora Air Taxi

Boeing Partners with Kitty Hawk Flying Taxi

With an eye on keeping future airspace safe for urban air mobility—including flying taxis—Boeing and Kitty Hawk Corporation have joined forces. The companies recently announced the partnership between Kitty Hawk’s Cora division and Boeing. Google co-founder Larry Page owns Kitty Hawk, whose claim to fame is Cora. Hundreds of tests of this autonomous, two-seat electric…

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Uber Skyport Mobility Hub as imagined by SHoP

Uber Unveils Skyport Designs for Flying Cars

With plans to launch its Uber Air air taxi services by 2023, Uber revealed the finalists in its competition to design Skyport Mobility Hubs. Uber’s eVTOLs will use these hubs to take off and land. Eight architectural firms based in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Melbourne, Australia (all places where the first Uber Air services will…

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Uber Air Taxi Skyport

Uber Announces Advances with Air Taxis

As it works to make air taxis a reality (much!) sooner than most people expect, Uber announced advances in its Uber Elevate program at the Elevate Summit in Washington, D.C. Testing and Takeoff in 2020 and 2023 Uber Elevate has selected real estate developer Related Companies to design skyports for its air taxi offering. Related’s…

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Volocopter Expands Its Vision for Flying Cars

As the world’s flying car manufacturers prepare to launch their vehicles, they seem to be reaching the conclusion that the infrastructure needed to support a world of flying cars is nowhere near ready. This, despite the fact that their eVTOLs may be ready for takeoff within two to five years. Many issues about reliability and…

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Embraer VTOL on helipad

Embraer Plans for Flying Cars

Embraer the Brazil-based jet maker, recently published “Flight Plan 2030.” This white paper outlines its plans for air traffic management for urban air mobility. In other words, its plans for vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs), commonly known as flying cars. “Flight Plan 2030 presents what we believe are the necessary first steps toward autonomous…

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