Lithium battery getting a charge.

For AAM, Vertical May Not Just Be for Take Off, It Could Be Good for Electrode Alignment Too

Vertically Aligned Electrodes May Improve Battery Charging Times by 500%

Vertically aligned electrodes may improve battery charging times by 500 percent.

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sketch of the infrastructure needed for eVTOLs

eVTOLs Gone in the Wind?

Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Crosswinds Key Concerns for Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles

More than half of weather-related aviation accidents are caused by wind. Research into how wind impacts eVTOLs is being addressed.

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Diagram of a rapid, multidirectional scanning for UAVs

Let There Be LiDAR Onboard Your UAVs

It’s a Million Times Faster Than Radar

Researchers are studying how Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) systems might be used to help keep uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) safe.

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A Vertical Aerospace eVTOL as it might appear in a vertiport, awaiting passengers

Who’s Investing in Urban Air Mobility: The World’s Biggest Airlines

To Date: 21 Airlines See eVTOLs in Their Future

The world’s airlines are putting down some serious money to buy the eVTOLs they imagine will carry them into the Urban Air Mobility market.

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woman peers at an electric grid

eVTOLs: Plug In, Charge Up, Take Off

Urban Air Mobility Will Be All About the Infrastructure

Building an advanced air mobility infrastructure takes time, capital, and cooperation.

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Illustration depicting electric vehicles versus gas powered cars.

eVTOLs: Does Mineral Madness Lurk Beyond Lithium-Ion?

Demand, and mining, for many minerals will dominate the future of transportation

The demand for mined minerals will play a large role in the future of all electric vehicles, including eVTOLs.

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