The urban skies will require robust urban traffic management (UTM)

UTM for UAM: Avoiding an eVTOL carmaggedon in the sky

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When our eVTOLs, crewed or uncrewed, take to the urban skies in our eVTOLs, it won’t be Tinkerbell our instruments will be looking to avoid hitting. NASA’s February 2024 report, “Computing Proximity to Threat Along Uncertain Trajectory to Support Urban Air Mobility,” identifies the complex, challenging environment that aircraft operators, urban traffic management (UTM) system…

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6 Things the State of Illinois Needs to Do to Advance AAM

The ‘Land of Lincoln’ charts a course toward Advanced Air Mobility

Home to nearly 9,000,000 people, metropolitan Chicago is, theoretically, an urban air mobility (UAM) air taxi operator’s dream. Or at least it would be, were it not for Chicago’s brutally cold winters. Winter temperatures average at, or just above, freezing during the day and -5°C (about 20-25°F) at night. And, then there’s the wind. In…

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Alfred Nobel took the first photograph from a UAV, a picture of Boston.

A US$260 Billion Global Drone Market by 2033?

Mapping, surveying, package delivery, crop dusting, energy, cargo; when you’re an UAV, it all adds up. And up. And up.

The drone market will experience astronomical growth between now and 2033.

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Polaris Research predicts a US$41 billlion evtol market by 2032

Value Proposition: How Much Will the eVTOL Market Be Worth Around 2030?

It Depends on Who You Ask

The eVTOL market could be worth anywhere between US$11.5 billion and US$41 billion.

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Birds striking the cockpit windshield

Angry Birds: eVTOLs Need a Standard to Certify Vulnerabilities from Bird Strikes

More than 90% of bird strikes occur at 3,000 feet above ground level — precisely where most eVTOLs will fly.

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In Urban Air Mobility – Especially in Urban Air Mobility – Time Is Money

Real-Time On-the-Fly Motion Planning Can Save Pilots Pax, and UAM Operators Time and Money

Your pax are onboard, you departed on-time. Your route was clear, weather was perfect and then – a geofence gets put up literally out of the clear blue sky. You want to minimize your snap trajectory and your trajectory but that’s easier said than done. Or it was, until a cohort of researchers from Cranfield…

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